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Hello, it's great to have you here!

Very welcome to SAMBANDO COM IULI !

I am happy for your interest in this Brazilian cultural art, called SAMBA.

On this platform you will find classes dedicated to you. Clear explanations that can transform your life and self-esteem. Have I told you that samba has the power to change lives?

Yes, samba has that power, samba is the hope of many. And this is my legacy to bring you joy.

On this platform you will have unlimited access to your videos, you can learn samba levels, strands and much more.


Beginners Course

Intermediate Class


Start from scratch

The Beginners mini course for samba no pé, can help you start samba from scratch. You will have a clear contact where you can develop your first samba skills.

Course is practical, so you can watch and practice with me.

Samba has been changing the lives of many people around the world. It is one of the biggest cultural manifestations in the world. Be part of you too

The time has come for you to take another step on this journey. The ON DEMAND intermediate classes will be a new space for you to see the difference in your learning.

Contact me

(+44) 7717 083922

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