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Find out where you can take classes with Rei do Giro, champion of Carnival 2023

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All classes and programs are carefully crafted to suit your needs and areas of interest.  

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Vision.  Determination.  Passion

My name is Iuli Caroline, I grew up in the countryside of São Paulo (Sumaré).  Sambar is what fills my soul with light and makes me enjoy life.  I've always believed in creating a community of people who, like me, love the power of the movement - and that's my main goal as a samba instructor.
I started my career at the age of 12, being a junior dancer at the samba school(Havaí 71) in my city in the interior of São Paulo.  Over the years I spent in numerous traditional samba schools (Estrela D’alva, Leões Padre Anchieta) in my locality, until I was of legal age and competed for Queen of the City (Paulínia 2014), where I was crowned in First place.  Representing my city made me see that my place was to fight for samba and dance in general. After this I was also crowned Miss Beauty Black, representing the cultural Black community of my locality.  Countless hours of stage and presentations came together over the years, until I made my first tour towards Egypt(2018).  Working in another country with other people, showing my roots to different cultures and also getting to know them is fantastic.  Today I continue my journey in the city of London - United Kingdom.  Now here in London, I work with Freelancer Mulata Samba Show and I am part of respected entertainment companies and major artistic productions.  In this year 2021 I was crowned Princess Miss Generation London. In addition, Coming here to London working with samba and helping to keep our Brazilian culture alive. I won the Second  place in the London Awards 2022 Dance category, another recognition after years working with Brazilian culture. We also work with great production of renowned samba artists artists that bring us the best of our culture. In the year 2022 we collaborated together with the coming and organization of the workshops of Mayara Lima and Mayara Santos, great samba phenomena teachers that were with us in a big euro tour. 

I continue with my projects and workshops, working on instruction for one of the greatest models of empowerment, Samba!  This brings joy, grace and sympathy .. linking communities together. I want each of my students to leave my classes with more joy and energy.  Ready to embark on this incredible journey?  Enroll in one of my classes today.

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